LEAD Program

Leadership, Exploration, And Development Program

What is the Montrose Memorial Hospital LEAD Program?

It’s a chance to access a behind the scenes look at medicine in order to explore the complex issues driving healthcare today. The LEAD Program is an opportunity to understand the impact of healthcare on our community and American society.

When does the MMH LEAD Program begin?

Beginning in September, 2016, up to 16 community leaders will become MMH LEADers. In eight monthly sessions, members will get an intimate glimpse of the many facets of healthcare.

The goal of the program is to make participants valued and well educated partners in seeking answers to the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare. It will give LEADers an insider’s view of the healthcare industry and give them a deeper understanding so that they may act as ambassadors for Montrose Memorial Hospital.

Who can participate?

The LEAD Program is composed of professionals and volunteers who have actively demonstrated leadership ability in our community. While in the program, participants have one-of-a-kind experiences they are able to share with other community leaders, physicians and healthcare professionals. They also obtain a working knowledge of the healthcare needs of our community and how Montrose Memorial Hospital is meeting those goals.

What are the benefits?

Participants gain insight into medical and technological advances through access to areas of Montrose Memorial Hospital not commonly available to the public. They have the opportunity to network with members of the medical community from a wide variety of specialties and hear presentations from a number of experts on healthcare while demonstrating the continuing need for philanthropy.


Interested in participating, please contact:

Montrose Memorial Hospital
Brad Wiersma, Community Engagement Coordinator
800 S. 3rd Street
Montrose, CO 81401