Nurse Midwife Services

After lots of deliberation and discussion, the Board of Directors of Montrose Memorial Hospital has made the decision to consolidate the Nurse Midwife Services and Alpine Women’s Centre effective June 2, 2018. The Board members, along with hospital administration agreed that it is not financially feasible for MMH to sustain two separate medical practices to care for women delivering babies due to the declining number of births over the last few years.

The providers at Nurse Midwife Services will continue to provide care for their patients through May 31 in their current office. One midwife, who is yet to be determined, will be joining Drs. Hanley, Gilham and Fenton at Alpine Women’s Centre and will share call duties with them.

The Certified Nurse Midwives have been a department of the hospital for 25 years and have always worked closely with the hospital OB staff and physicians to provide women with excellent and compassionate care and that care will continue.

The mission of MMH is; To provide healthcare services to our communities with excellent service, compassion and fiscal responsibility. This structure change will help us live our mission and continue to be your healthcare resource for years to come!

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