Nurse Midwife Services

Practicing Locations
  • 900 South 4th Street
  • 970-252-2542

Believing that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes, Certified Nurse-Midwives tailor their care to the individual needs of each patient.


  • Offer guidance on proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and travel during pregnancy
  • Encourage women to make labor and birthing choices unique to their personal needs
  • Prefer to minimize technological interventions during labor and birth
  • Stress education, counseling and continuous hands-on care during labor, birth and postpartum
  • Support a variety of labor options, including the freedom to move around, massage, a rocking chair, a deep tub or shower, a birthing ball, moist heat, pain medication including epidurals.
  • Offer prenatal care for repeat cesarean sections and assist in the operating room, ensuring a certified nurse-midwife is present for your birth.

When additional support is needed

Sometimes births become complicated, and additional support is needed. Certified Nurse-Midwives are trained to recognize and manage complications early and collaborate with doctors to ensure optimum care for women and their babies. Nurse Midwife Services collaborate with local OB-GYN physicians and Perinatologist for high risk pregnancies and births.

Beyond delivering babies

Many people think of certified nurse-midwives only in connection with childbirth. On the contrary, certified nurse-midwives provide a wide range of services for all ages of women – from puberty through menopause.

Yearly Gynecological Exams

Many women choose certified nurse-midwives for their yearly gynecological exams. Certified nurse-midwives also make an excellent choice for young women transitioning from pediatric care to adult medical care.

Family Planning and Pre-conception Counseling

Certified nurse-Midwives are trained to provide personalized attention to the needs of couples as they begin planning a family.

Health Maintenance and Disease Prevention Counseling

From caring for a woman’s general medical needs to treating vaginal infections and counseling about sexually transmitted infections, certified nurse midwives often become primary care providers for many women.

Perimenopause Counseling

Women today have more options than ever for managing menopause symptoms. Certified nurse-midwives can help them unravel the choices, from hormone replacement therapy to alternative medicine.


The Nurse Midwives accept ALL insurances including Medicaid and Self Pay  (Sliding Fee Payment Schedule Available)