25 Jun 2014 10:52:41 MDT Written by: Leann Tobin


Patient Comments:  How they Improve Your Care

In the past couple of months, I’ve had the privilege to speak to the Montrose Rotary and Kiwanis service clubs about Montrose Memorial Hospital and our patient satisfaction scores.  It’s been a great way to celebrate and share the news that MMH currently has the highest patient satisfaction scores ever.  For the first quarter of 2013, our patients rated their overall satisfaction rate at 92.5!  

Montrose Memorial Hospital uses an outside vendor called Avatar Solutions, who is a data measurement and performance improvement company that specializes in patient surveys, to gather our patient satisfaction data. If you have been a patient here, most likely you have received one of these questionnaires to complete.  Avatar receives the finalized surveys and collates the responses and updates a secure web-based data bank for our directors and physicians to use.  Avatar compares MMH with over 300 hospitals, which gives us a good indication of our strengths and areas to improve.

Our directors can evaluate satisfaction scores based on comments from the patients who visited their department, as well as hospital-wide indicators.  Patients rate their care in several areas including; pain management, communication, nursing and physician care, cleanliness, politeness, quietness, ease of getting around and several others.  We use the collected data to establish improvement goals at both the department level and hospital-wide.   Leadership also uses the scores to celebrate success and acknowledge the areas where we are consistently exceeding our patients’ expectations.  Employees recently enjoyed an ice cream sundae party to celebrate receiving the Avatar National Award for Cleanliness for the second year in a row.

One area we are focusing on for improvement is keeping the hospital quiet during the night so our patients can rest better and hopefully heal faster.  We are working with staff members to close doors, encouraging everyone to watch how loud they are speaking and posting quiet reminder signs throughout the patient care areas.  We began working on this project in January and our satisfaction scores have increased from 60.6 to 70% overall.  

It’s important for us to receive our patient’s feedback and make changes accordingly.  We all work hard to make your Friends and Family’s patient experience the best it can be.

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