MMHI Board Class

Are you ready to lead?

If you wanted to become a leader in your community and join the MMHI Board of Directors, what steps should you take? Our Educational Class is not a requirement to serve – but it will prepare you for when the time comes.

The MMHI Board class exists to develop prospective Board members with a high understanding of their individual fiduciary duties and the fundamental role of the BOD that contributes to steering MMHI towards a sustainable future through sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies.

The following curriculum emphasizes the major responsibilities of the MMHI BOD, its individual members and board operations and processes

  1. Board responsibilities, operational processes and relationship with the CEO: An overview: This 90 minute segment will be conducted by the MMHI BOD Chair and the Chair of the Nominating Committee.
  2. Implementing MMHI BOD Policies: This 90-minute segment will be conducted by the MMHI CEO and other executive team leaders.
  3. MMHI in a changing market: This one-hour segment provides a high level overview of MMHI's long-term needs given service area dynamics, such as demographics, market share, payer mix patient needs and physician recruitment.
  4. MMHI BOD committees top lines: This 90 minute segment conducted by BOD committee chairs provides participants with an understanding of the important role of BOD committees, what they do, how they function and why they play an integral role in BOD governance.
  5. The BOD in real-time: Participants will prepare for and attend one board meeting during the course timeline.
  6. Debrief and feedback: This 90 minute lunch with the BOD and Nominating Committee Chair and mentors provide participants with a Q and A opportunity and to provide feedback on the Program.
  7. Make us better: Participants will complete an on-line Program assessment.

A notebook shall be provided to Program participants that includes:

1. Course timeline: Dates and times
2. BOD meeting dates and time
3. MMHI backgrounder: MMHI Organizational chart; BOD members and committees; MMHI facts and figures
4. Legal duties of the BOD and individual BOD members
5. MMHI strategic and operational plan
6. The latest community assessment required by federal law

To apply, send a letter of interest describing why you would like to participate to We can’t wait to hear from you!