Volunteers Support MMH

Volunteer services at Montrose Memorial Hospital began in 1950.  Volunteers Services have over a 115 volunteers and Spiritual Care support.

Volunteers provide service in almost every area of the hospital.  The newly renovated Golden Leaf Gift Shop is staffed by volunteers five days a week.  The Golden Leaf Crafters makes gifts that are sold in the gift shop and are sold at local craft shows. Patients and their families are offered juice, soda and water by volunteers during he afternoon courtesy cart rounds. There are a variety of clerical and patient assistance services provided in many areas of the hospital from admissions, radiology and laboratory, to accounting, cancer center and outpatient surgery.  Volunteers assist in the Emergency Department and Same Day Surgery so staff can focus on more time on the patient. We also offer Music Therapy and Pet Therapy services to the patients of Montrose Memorial Hospital.

If you are interested in becoming a hospital volunteer please fill out the form below and we can discuss the next steps and areas of interest.