Practicing Locations
  • Cardiology Services
  • 800 S. 3rd Street Montrose, CO 81401
  • (970) 252-2950

In the Cardiology Department at Montrose Memorial, the cardiologists and patients are supported by a compassionate, educated and experienced staff of nurses, technologists and nuclear medicine technologists with a total of more than 150 years of experience in the field of cardiology.

The cardiac catheterization lab is equipped with the latest in imaging and monitoring equipment.  The cardiac catheterization lab has been described as one of most state-of-the-art cath labs in the state.

Diagnostic heart catheterizations are performed on an outpatient basis several times a week at Montrose Memorial Hospital.  About 1 1/2 hours are scheduled for the procedure from bed to lab and back to bed.  In an additional 2 hours, the patient is released to go home.  If problems are discovered during the diagnostic cardiac catheterization procedure, additional interventions can be performed to correct the problem.

The goal of the Cardiology Department at Montrose Memorial Hospital is to perform a diagnostic cardiac catheterization on every patient as precisely, thoroughly and efficiently as possible.  The end result is a diagnosis that will lead to the best treatment possible, while prolonging and improving the quality of life for each patient.

Contact the Cardiology Department at (970) 252-2950.