Family Center

Welcome to the Montrose Memorial Hospital Family Center where we have been celebrating new life and serving the community since 1949. 

The Family Center is a warm and friendly environment staffed by an excellent and caring group of nurses, midwives and doctors.  Our goal is to provide a healthy, safe and personal experience for you and your family.   Your childbirth is unique and we desire to accommodate your needs.  Please visit our “providers” webpage to see photos and a listing of our doctors and midwives.

Our care is important aspect of your stay at The Family Center. The Family Center has four large birthing suites where family members and friends can take part in your care.  A Jacuzzi tub is available to you during your labor. Comfort measures are important during your labor experience. We also support alternative labor methods, such as aromatherapy, labor ball, peanut ball, breathing techniques and various positions. We follow baby-friendly guidelines to help keep the mother and baby together at all times. In addition, you can feel confident in your care with pediatricians that round twice a day to assess you and your baby’s health & wellness.

Anesthesia is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists are available to place epidurals day or night. Your nurse will ask what your plans are upon arrival to the Family Center.

Our nursery is fully equipped to care for newborns needing supplemental oxygen, intravenous therapies or specialized feedings.  Typically, healthy newborns room-in with their mothers.

Security and Safety are important to us.  A state of the art monitoring system is utilized during labor to ensure your baby’s wellbeing.  As a standard of care to ensure safety, our unit is locked and infants are given security bracelets upon arrival.  Additionally, our operating rooms are located adjacent to the Family Center, should they be needed in an emergency situation.

Maternal and Infant Care Quality Champion designation means our hospital has access to the most current data, best practices and resources available and is leading the way for the safest, healthiest outcomes for Colorado’s pregnant and postpartum people, infants, and their families.

Childbirth and Sibling Classes offer education and help prepare you and your family for your childbirth.  Please ask about these classes at your prenatal visits or click here for information about Teddy Bear University.

The Follow-up Program ensures that mother and baby are doing well after discharge from the hospital.  Each mother will receive a phone call from our lactation specialist or nursing staff to answer questions and give additional support.  Breast pumps are available to our patients through this program. In addition, moms having difficulty breastfeeding can meet with our lactation specialists for up to a year after birth.

We look forward to meeting you and caring for your new family!