Mountain View Therapy

Mountain View Therapy is the leading provider of outpatient and acute care therapy services in Western Colorado.  We are a unique group of rehabilitation clinics with a comprehensive range of services for all ages from birth to the elderly including Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and Wound and Ostomy Care.  Our highly respected clinical team provides preventative and rehabilitation services that maximize function and promote well-being.

We are Friends and Family caring for Friends and Family.

To learn more, call us at (970) 240-7369 or visit our Locations tab on the side bar for addresses and phone numbers for all of our locations.

How to become a client:

If you have had an injury, surgery, or pain limiting your ability to function and interact with your immediate surroundings during work, recreation, and daily life, please consult with your physician and request an order for therapy services. You will need to have your physician fax the order to our office at (970) 240-7306 or you can bring the order in to our main office at 801 S. 4th St.   If you have questions, please call us at (970) 240-7369.

Our therapists apply tested principles and treatment practices to serve your unique condition and goals for recovery.  From initial diagnosis to eventual recovery, our focus is on healing and bringing you back to your best physical, cognitive, and functional health.

We recognize that as a healthcare consumer you have a choice of who you see for treatment. We are honored to be your therapy provider and are committed to working with you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.