Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment

Contact your physician and ask them to fax us a referral (970) 252-2767.

We will contact you to schedule an appointment.


Insurance and Medicare

Medicare covers nutrition education for Diabetes and Renal Disease (Co-pays and deductibles will be applied).

Check with your private insurance to see if Medical Nutrition Therapy will be covered

Two to three nutrition therapy sessions are recommended for optimal results.


Appointments are available for: 



Heart disease / high cholesterol

High blood pressure

Nutrition in pregnancy

Weight management (to gain or lose weight)


Pediatric nutrition issues (feeding tubes, weight problems)

Sports nutrition

Celiac disease

Gastrointestinal issues (diarrhea, Crohn’s, IBS/IBD)

Renal disease

Enteral and Parenteral Feedings


Nutrition & Diabetes Services is located in the Nevada building, located at 421 S. Nevada Ave. Call 970-240-7280 to move towards a healthier you.