Hospital Happenings: April 2018

Hospital Happenings: April 2018

Local Resources to Help You ‘Drive Your Health’

Brad Wiersma

Montrose Memorial Hospital is active in providing leadership for the health of our region. We are always working on new ways to enhance current services and expand what we do to benefit our Friends & Family – such as last December, when we introduced to our community The Box to provide a free drug disposal resource.

Having worked for two years through our Community Health Worker to connect women with their much needed breast and cervical cancer screenings, we’ll now also be focusing on connecting men in our community to the important colorectal screenings they are lacking.

If you’re 50+, colorectal cancer screenings are a very important step in ensuring your health outlook: colorectal cancer is the number three cancer killer. About 40% of people who have colorectal cancer have a five-year survival rate if diagnosed at an early stage. What’s the way to boost said five-year survival rate to 90%? Answer: Finding the cancer early at the local stage. Drive Your Health - Get Your Colorectal Screening

We’re referring to this initiative as Drive Your Health because getting your needed screenings is the key to staying in charge of your health outlook. As men, sometimes we tend to steer clear of screenings and procedures unless the pain is significant. This is a passive approach to the situation—and unfortunately many men have experienced life-changing consequences to this approach. But it doesn’t have to be that way: we encourage you be in the driver’s seat of your health.

Just as there are multiple routes to drive from point A to point B with varying pros and cons, there are numerous colorectal screenings available in our area to fit your needs. Like a GPS, our Community Health Worker can help get you there. Take the driver’s seat: call 252-2893 today.

Brad Wiersma, Community Engagement Coordinator, MMH 252-2513