Hospital Happenings: August 2017

Volunteers: Making an Impact on Your Care

Your local hospital is here to help you during some of life’s most significant events. From the birth of your first child to a caring for you along life’s journey, some of your most memorable moments take place within our walls. When you enter our doors – whether as a patient or to visit a friend or loved one – you rightfully expect an experience that shows deep caring every step of the way.

In ways that may be surprising to you, our Volunteers play a noteworthy role in that experience.

We have over 100 volunteers, ranging in age from their 20’s to their 90’s. The most visible of our Volunteers are the wonderful people who greet you with a smile at our Information Desk, keep the Lobby Grille flowing smoothly during lunch hour, or help guide you at the Gallery Desk on the 1st floor.

But there’s also a whole other realm of support from these members of our community: They file and keep records in the Lab, make cookies for public presentations in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, organize mail in Accounting, create C-section packets for the Family Center, and even give you a warm blanket in Same Day Surgery to help you feel as cozy & comfortable as possible.

What most inspires me most about our Volunteers is their motivation- which is generally the simple desire to better the world around them and know they are making a difference in someone’s day. Rather than a paycheck, they receive their payment by helping you- making sure you feel like “Friends & Family Caring for Friends and Family.” We have an excellent community of caring people – how lucky we are to have these individuals!

These volunteers make a big impact in the lives of our “Friends & Family.” Do you yearn to make an impact on others, too? We’d love to have your help. If you’d like more information, feel free to call Volunteer Coordinator Beth McCorkle at (970) 240-7341.

Brad Wiersma, Community Engagement Coordinator, MMH 252-2513