Hospital Happenings: February 2017

3D Mammography is Here!

We are happy to announce that 3 D Mammography has arrived at Montrose Memorial Hospital!  The mammography rooms are re-modeled, two machines have been installed and the staff has participated in extensive training so patients can be assured of the best experience.  MMH now has the best technology available to help detect breast cancer called True Breast Tomosynthesis.

You may wonder, what’s the difference between the 2 D mammogram and a 3D mammogram? According to Dr. Emily Conant, chief of breast imaging in the department of radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, “Many people have compared it to looking at a book; you can see the cover but you can’t see the information inside. That’s the 2D mammogram – there’s lots of info but it’s hard to see.  But a 3D mammogram allows you to flip through the pages.”  The 3D mammogram requires no additional breast compression and it only takes a few more seconds.  During the 3D exam, an x-ray arm sweeps over the breast, taking multiple images very quickly.

Getting a mammogram is such an important screening tool for all women.  A simple mammogram can detect cancer early, when it is most treatable.  Even though this is well known, almost one third of American women currently do not get regular mammograms–and this percentage is even higher in our region.  Because the image clarity of 3D mammography leads to more accurate breast cancer detection, women are diagnosed with fewer false positives and they don’t experience the worry of follow-up tests.  Three dimensional mammography is also particularly helpful for women who have dense breast tissue. This improved detection can lead to greater peace of mind.

If you have any questions, contact your care provider or give the hospital a cal.  Please call and schedule your appointment today at 970.252.2540.  We urge ALL women to make time in their busy schedule for this very important screening.

Leann Tobin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, MMH 240-7344