Hospital Happenings: February 2018

Hospital Happenings: February 2018

Early Blood Draws & Health Fair to Serve You

As you read this, we will be on day six of seven days of Early Blood Draws in conjunction with our annual Montrose Memorial Hospital Health Fair. We have over 2,500 blood draw appointments including sites in Ridgway, Olathe and Montrose. We are blessed to have such great participation and help from the fantastic phlebotomists and volunteers who generously offer their time and talent each year.

We are now planning for the Health Fair on Saturday, February 24. The Fair begins at 6:30am and continues until 12:00 noon, with the blood draws stopping at 11:00 a.m. There will be over 35 booths with people providing health screenings and information. Come get your hearing checked, your eyes checked, your bone density checked, your blood pressure checked, and that funny looking mole checked. You can also receive information on nutrition, MMH physicians and services, therapy options and much more.

If you had your blood drawn at the early blood draws, you will receive your results in the mail within 10-14 business days. Some results take a bit longer depending on what tests you had done. If you are interested, care providers will be available to review your blood test results at the fair, but you must bring in a copy of your results. If you were not able to attend the early blood draws, we will also be drawing blood on February 24 from 6:30 am to 11:00 a.m. The tests and costs are the same as the Early Blood Draws. The HealthScreen Chemistry and Lipid profile evaluates kidney function, electrolytes, triglycerides, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels and over 15 components in the blood. The profile also includes Ferritin, iron binding and TSH (Thyroid Screening). The cost of this test is $45. The PSA blood test for prostate cancer will also be offered for men 40 and older, at a cost of $30 and the CBC (complete blood count) blood test, is $20 and the Hemoglobin A1c, which is an additional screening for diabetes, will cost $35. We also offer the Vitamin D screening for $40, the Vitamin B-12 for $40 and a Male Testosterone Screening for $45. Ask your care provider which tests you should have and remember that we will NOT bill any insurance – this includes Medicare. If you are participating in the blood draws at the health fair, you do not need an appointment and you must not eat anything for 10-12 hours before the blood draw, however, we encourage you to drink lots of water.

Again, and as always, I want to thank the wonderful volunteers and workers who help make this a successful community event. We have over 50 volunteers who generously give their time to help register, cashier, direct, answer questions, provide information, and to do “whatever needs to be done.” If you get a chance, thank them for being there. We acknowledge our community sponsors; Alpine Bank, Gordon Composites, Mountain West Insurance, and TEI Rock Drills and appreciate their continued support. Also, a huge pat on the back to the Lions Club members and the incredible staff at the Montrose Pavilion. You couldn’t ask for a more helpful and friendly group of people.

We hope to see you on Saturday, February 24 at the Montrose Pavilion for our annual MMH Health Fair.

Leann Tobin, Director of Community Engagement, MMH 240-7344