Hospital Happenings – January 2021

What is “Safeness” and What is the Good News About It?

Safeness is defined as “the state of not being exposed to danger.” I think about this as feeling safe because it means you know there are means in place to ensure you are truly safe. With everything going on in our world – and the great reaches hospitals nationwide are going to in order to ensure a safe environment for patients and their families – many people are thinking about safeness in one way or another when they come to a hospital. Montrose Memorial Hospital (MMH) has been honored to receive good news regarding this matter!

Recently, MMH was given an “A” grade from The Leapfrog Group – a national watchdog organization focused on healthcare safety and quality. Based on publicly reported data, The Leapfrog Group has a National Expert Panel and receives guidance from John Hopkins Medicine’s Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality as they look at calculating Hospital Safety Grades, which are based on up to 27 measures. The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade is independently assessed, peer-reviewed, fully transparent and free to the public. These measures run the spectrum. To give you an idea, some examples of measures include “Responsiveness of hospital staff,” “Communication about medicines” and “Patient falls and injuries.”

Another reason to feel safe at MMH is our Tru-D Robotic Disinfection Technology. We recognize that cleanliness is essential for patient safety. To aid our already award-winning Environmental Services team, our Tru-D robot can be deployed to empty patient rooms to help disinfect after they have been cleaned. We use Tru-D in every inpatient room when a patient is confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19. Tru-D is advanced technology: it analyzes each room with sensors and dispense the right amount of UVC energy to ensure any harmful germs or bacteria are taken care of. Because the UVC energy bounces off walls and other surfaces, it reaches underneath and behind objects, too. By using Tru-D, we have an additional measure in place to ensure safety.

Montrose Memorial Hospital has a great track record of being a safe hospital for our patients and their family members – not just because of our investments in the latest technology, but also because our staff live our motto. We’re thankful for our great staff! “Friends & Family caring for Friends & Family” truly drives that feeling of safeness our patients and their families experience.

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