Hospital Happenings: January 2017

Coming Soon: 2017 Early Blood Draws & Health Fair

 As we begin the new year, most of us look for ways to improve our health and happiness. The Montrose Memorial Hospital Early Blood Draws & Health Fair events are great tools for helping you do just that.

We will continue to offer our popular blood tests offered in years prior, including Chemistry & Lipid Profile ($45), Hemoglobin A1C ($35), PSA for Prostate Health ($30), Complete Blood Count ($20), Vitamin D Screening ($40), Vitamin B-12 ($40), and Male Testosterone ($45).

Many of the calls we receive are from individuals looking for advice regarding which blood tests to receive. It’s great to see people take charge of their health and research the best options for them! You can go over our blood draw options with your care provider: as trained professionals with knowledge about your specific health situation, they can provide great clarity on which tests can benefit you.

Blood draws will begin in Ridgway and Olathe on Saturday, January 28 & Monday, January 30, respectively. Blood draws will then be at the Montrose Pavilion from Wednesday-Saturday that week, February 1 through February 4. Lastly, we’ll return to the Pavilion for the Health Fair on Saturday, February 25.

If you have participated in the past, this should all sound very familiar to you. One piece of new information for you is that we will not be accepting any unscheduled walk-ins to the early blood draws the first two days at the Pavilion, Wednesday, February 1, and Thursday, February 2. These are busy days for our attendees, so we have made this move out of respect for those who have registered their appointments.

If you are new to these events, you may ask the question: what is the difference between the early blood draws and the Health Fair—which should I attend? The early blood draws offer online & telephone registration to reserve your spot for the blood draw. The Health Fair is walk-ins only, and features educational booths, free screenings and mini-consultations with healthcare providers on hand at the event. Many people even attend both, taking their results from the early blood draws to the Health Fair so that a healthcare provider can help interpret their results.

If you have any questions regarding these events, you can visit this page for more information or call us at (970) 252-2513.

Note: Visit this page for more information on the health fair & early blood draws.

Brad Wiersma, Marketing Coordinator at Montrose Memorial Hospital. (970) 252-2513.