Hospital Happenings – July 2019

Behind the Scenes

Montrose Memorial Hospital is the second largest employer in Montrose County with over 700 employees. As I think about the expanse of specialists, training and personalities, I’m also blessed by the caring and selflessness shown on a daily basis. Over the years, we’ve highlighted so many care providers and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes.

Our Plant and Engineering team, which includes plumbers, electricians, heating and ventilations specialists and more, take care of over 424,000 square feet of space. You see them quietly climbing ladders, shoveling snow, and patiently waiting for a patient to be discharged so they can get into the room to fix something. Some parts of our building are from the original build in 1950, we’ve added on, expanded, added some clinics and they continue to work hard to keep us all safe and functioning at the highest level.

We frequently recognize the Environmental Services group for the amazing job they do keeping our hospital so clean! The patient satisfaction score for May of 2019, shows the national average for cleanliness is 73.5%, the Colorado average is 77% and the average for MMH is 89%! That’s pretty impressive in itself and additionally, the staff members score very high in courtesy and kindness. They are consistently recognized by our patients for taking the time to do the extra things to make their hospital stay a little bit nicer.

Accounting, admissions, and billing are here to make sure bills get sent properly, bills are paid promptly, and patients are admitted accurately. The medical records team takes care of each patient’s medical record and gathers the appropriate data needed for reporting. Executive assistants, receptionists, aides, and technicians work hard to make sure meetings are met, equipment is safe, documents are sent, and people are greeted along with so much more. In addition, the always-increasing information technology functions are handled so proficiently with kindness and skill, and the human resources professionals who help attract and retain our top-notch staff.

In last month’s column we highlighted our Food Services crew and the Lobby Grille. Being in a hospital can be a difficult and overwhelming experience and our room service providers can absolutely make someone’s day. When you receive the homemade savory meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, things just look brighter. And then to top it off with a hand-mixed milkshake, delivered by a happy, courteous staff member, it can truly be the highlight of the day.

No matter who they are, or what they do – the work that is performed impacts our Friends and Family and we are fortunate to have such an amazing group of Unsung Heroes in our midst!

Leann Tobin, Senior Director of Community Engagement, MMH 240-7344