Hospital Happenings: June 2017

On the Move with Montrose Memorial Hospital

Perhaps you’ve had surgery and you’re not getting back to your “old self” as quickly as you would like, or maybe you’re getting older and a bit uncomfortable about jumping into a workout program without some guidance. You’ve checked out the local gyms and the recreation center, but don’t feel you’re ready for this level of independent activity yet. If this describes you – Montrose Memorial Hospital has just the program for you! Whether you want to take a walk or a hike, bike or just have more energy for your day to day activities, the On the Move exercise program is specially designed to foster your growth in physical activity skills as well as improve your endurance and balance.

On the Move is an exercise program that helps people transition from recovery to independence in physical activity. The classes are led by Jedd Beros, who is an Exercise Physiologist accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine and specializes in helping participants move from just recuperating from their current condition to feeling comfortable and confident in their abilities, strength and independence. He works with each individual to develop a personal strengthening program to help them get where they want to go. Is your goal to be able to walk to your mailbox and back each day? Do you want to be able to attend a class at the new Recreation Center, but you don’t feel quite strong enough yet? How about moving your body daily in ways to help reduce the symptoms and pain or arthritis and increase your strength to carry your groceries? Jedd will monitor your progress and help you meet your individual wants and independence goals.

Like most challenging endeavors, having someone by your side to support you is essential. So feel free to encourage your spouse, friend, and/or neighbor to come along with you to the On the Move group exercise classes. No matter what shape you’re in, On the Move will help you to feel more comfortable and confident as you move towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

On the Move is a three month program with classes offered twice a week. You can participate on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Friday for $40 per month. There is no initiation or membership fee, however your care provider needs to write a referral for you to join. This is an incredible value for your dollar to have a guided, professionally supervised exercise program for this price. The classes are held at the 815 South 4th Street at The Center for Wellness Building, which is part of Mountain View Therapy at Montrose Memorial Hospital.

If you are interested, or have additional questions, please call 252-2646. One of the joys of living in this beautiful community is the ability to participate in the great outdoors and all it has to offer. If On the Move can help you reach your individual goals, we would love to be here for you!

Leann Tobin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, MMH 240-7344