Hospital Happenings – March 2019

Top 100 – Four Time Honoree

Montrose Memorial Hospital has again been named one of the Top 100 Rural and Community Hospitals in the United States! The top 100 out of over 800 rural hospitals is a really big deal! In addition, we are the ONLY – I repeat ONLY hospital in Colorado to receive this recognition for four consecutive years. You may ask, what goes in to being honored as a top 100 hospital? How are the hospitals rated and what makes MMH consistently receive top marks? I’m happy to share some specifics.

The award is based on the results of the Hospital Strength INDEX put together from a group called iVantage Health Analytics. The INDEX looks at 50 indicators, that are specific to rural hospitals, and encompass eight pillars that indicate how strong the hospital is. Data is gathered on how many patients in our area choose to have their care at their local community hospital. Our market share data shows that about 80% of the people in Montrose, San Miguel and Ouray counties stay in the area when they need inpatient care and/or outpatient procedures and tests.

Quality measures and patient safety indicators are also reviewed with this honor. As you can see on the hospital’s website, under the Quality & Safety tab, we are consistently measured on hundreds of statistics and compared to other hospitals both state and nationwide. Excellent care is always our priority and our quality & safety ratings are current and available for your review. The data listed helps you make decisions about where you get your healthcare and how Montrose Memorial Hospital stacks up against other hospitals in several areas.

Cost of care and financial stability are considered in the Hospital Strength INDEX. Our hospital staff works diligently to assure that patients are being charged and billed appropriately for the care they receive. The volunteer Board members work together with leadership and staff to maintain a healthy bottom line while making appropriate investments and purchasing capital equipment to keep MMH current and ahead of the curve. The daVinci XI robot that was purchased to assist our surgeons and improve patient outcomes is a great example of investing in healthcare resources for our future.

Lastly and perhaps most important, our patient experience scores are reviewed and evaluated. We are always working to improve our patients’ experience in the hospital and you can see that in December of 2018, 82% of our patients said they would “definitely recommend MMH” compared to a Colorado average of 74% and a National Average of 72%. Our patients also say we do a great job with communication with nurses and physicians and we are consistently rated as one of the cleanest hospitals in the state. Ninety percent of our patients report that their room and bathroom were “Always” clean, compared to a state average of 75%.

Amidst uncertainty, transition and decreasing reimbursement, this award also shows that MMH is excelling in managing risk, achieving higher quality, securing better outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and operating at a lower cost than our peers. We are one of four rural community hospitals in the state recognized in the Top100 and the only one who has achieved this status four years in a row! The achievement validates to our Friends and Family that they are receiving care at a top-notch, award winning facility, who always puts our patients first. As James Kiser, our CEO stated, “Our patients expect and deserve great care, and we consider it a great privilege to deliver only the best for our communities.”

Leann Tobin, Senior Director of Community Engagement, MMH 240-7344