Hospital Happenings: November 2017

The Coming Winter Wonderland: Walks, Workouts and Other Activities

Here on the Western Slope, one of the greatest treasures we have is our many opportunities to experience the beauty around us. It’s not just the fact we live surrounded by scenes fit for a postcard: we often actively choose to spend our time being active in the outdoors.

Winter presents challenges, however. Snow can make for icy conditions; winter cold spells can be daunting; and sometimes slip hazards are the worst we’ll see all year. So how can you stay active all winter?

Luckily in our region, we have many options. For starters, there are several opportunities for skiing & snowboarding— such as the Powderhorn

Mountain Resort on the Grand Mesa or the Telluride Ski Resort. For other outdoor activities, proper footwear is often the key. This can mean wearing shoes with tread for rough terrain (such as hiking boots), using ice traction cleats, or even snowshoes depending on the conditions outside. On the topic of snowshoes, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park offers free snowshoeing during the winter months – meaning they provide the snowshoes. My family & I took advantage of this for the first time last winter – what a delight!

For those looking for an indoor experience, we also have at least four entities in the area with fitness equipment- including the Montrose Recreation Center, which itself offers many activities. For those who aren’t quite “gym ready” yet, Mountain View Therapy offers the On the Move program to help people transition to gym activity. For more information about On the Move, contact 252-2646.

If you reside outside city limits or in one of our communities without a gym, you have some options as well. If you feel the need to stay indoors, you can get creative: for instance, in some small communities friends will join together and walk laps inside the retail stores. (This can also be beneficial for the local economy!) Retail stores provide an environment-controlled experience that reduces the potential for harm. Another creative option is to acquire a FitBit or other fitness tracking device and track your progress as you walk laps around your house. Set a goal- such as walking for 30 minutes – and get moving!

Our region is blessed by many opportunities for staying active. With the proper “steps” taken, you can still maintain great health during the winter months!

Brad Wiersma, Community Engagement Coordinator, MMH 252-2513