Hospital Happenings – October 2018

Hospital Happenings: October 2018

MMH Builds a Patient Family Advisory Committee

As healthcare changes and we continue to strive to make the patient the center of all we do, Montrose Memorial Hospital is engaging a group of advisors to help us learn and see more from the perspective of our patients and family members and therefore improve our hospital. The Patient Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) brings in the perspective of patients and families directly into the planning, delivery and evaluation of care. Our goal is to create a shared vision and build a strong partnership with our community members.

Our current PFAC includes past patients and family members, nursing leadership, board members and representation from the quality and community engagement departments. During our monthly meetings, team members give feedback on their hospital experiences and help us plan changes to improve how we take care of patients. They helped us create educational and informational materials, like the recent community newsletter you received in the mail entitled “Partners in Care.” We hope you will review the publication and use the tools and suggestions when you or a loved one is hospitalized. The group also encourages you to complete the medication list on the back and keep in current and with you at all times.

In addition, the committee has discussed issues surrounding medication management at patient discharge and throughout our healthcare system, cell service in the Emergency Department and patient “handoffs” between hospital departments and outside agencies. The input of our community members has been insightful and enlightening helping us to enhance the hospital’s processes and also see opportunities for improvement.

As we continue to meet, we see many benefits including; improved quality and patient safety, improved patient outcomes and a greater focus on patient-centered processes and procedures. We are fortunate to have these knowledgeable and generous people who graciously give their time to help improve the care, the processes and make our hospital a stronger place. We appreciate their ongoing, honest and constructive feedback which helps strengthen communication and collaboration among our patients, families, community and MMH. The PFAC is one more way for our Friends and Family to help us care for our Friends and Family.

Leann Tobin, Senior Director of Community Engagement, MMH 240-7344