Hospital Happenings – September 2020

MMH Continues to Focus on High-Quality Care for our Friends and Family

As we reflect back over the past five months, we recognize what an incredible journey we’ve been on and acknowledge that the ride isn’t over yet. We continue to encounter our unknown future and whatever our “new normal” looks like. Our jobs, like everyone else, have become more challenging with frequent policy and procedure changes as we learn more, variations in workflow and processes, in conjunction with masks, video meetings and door screenings. We strive to continue to give each other grace and practice patience as we work together to establish our long-term sustainability.

Surgeries are picking up, rehab visits are occurring, people feel safe coming to the hospital, and we are successfully rebounding from our substantial financial loss during the beginning of this pandemic. We have a great organization with many people working hard to assure we will be here for our community for the long term and continue to give the Five Star Customer Service you are accustomed to.

As well as looking back, we are excited to focus on the future and the growth of our services and medical staff. Mountain View Therapy at Montrose Memorial Hospital has opened our Pelvic Health unit on the corner of South 5th and Nevada. The physical therapists who work here have specialty training to help with urinary and fecal leakage, constipation, urinary urgency and frequency, pelvic pain, pelvis muscle dysfunction, pain with sexual intercourse, pre or post pregnancy pain and post-surgical pelvic pain. Collaboratively they work with your care provider to make recommendations for treatment, pelvic muscle retraining, and referrals for further evaluation if needed. If you have any of these concerns, please start the discussion with your care provider. If you need help with that conversation, call Mountain View Therapy at 252-2646 and ask for the Pelvic Health Program.

In addition, Dr. Tom Claggett joined Cedar Point Health as a Family Medicine physician after completing medical school at the University of Colorado and his residency program in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Dr. Virginia Tjan, a medical oncologist who was working part time at the San Juan Cancer Center decided to move to Montrose and work full time in Montrose. She has been a great addition with Drs. Emmons, Oldroyd and Bergen. We are also excited to welcome Dr. Mark Noel, Otolaryngologist to our medical staff starting in October. He will join Colorado West Otolaryngology and practice full time at their office at 100 Tessitore Court in Montrose. Keep your eye out in your mailbox for our upcoming community newsletter for more information.

As always, Montrose Memorial Hospital continues to focus on delivering high-quality care and health information to our Friends and Family. The most up to date resources about MMH are on our website at

Leann Tobin, MMH Chief Marketing Officer, 970-240-7344