Leakage, Heaviness, Pulling: Alpine Women’s Centre Addresses a Growing Problem

Montrose Memorial Hospital’s Alpine Women’s Centre is addressing a growing problem in the United States and our region as a whole: uterine prolapse. Many women don’t know this issue by its name, but by its symptoms: leakage, heaviness, pulling – it could even feel as if you are sitting on a small ball.

Although you won’t see a lot of articles talking about uterine prolapse, it is affecting a growing number of women and is having a larger impact in our region than in the rest of Colorado due to our demographics. Uterine prolapse mainly affects postmenopausal women – and about 13-14% of women in Montrose & Delta counties are 65 and older. According to John Hopkins Medicine, nearly half of all women between ages 50 and 79 have this condition.

“Urinary incontinence and bladder prolapse are actually more common than people think,” says Dr. Derick Fenton, physician at Alpine Women’s Centre. “Most women are embarrassed to talk about it except maybe with friends. There are all kinds of stages that can be corrected whether it be through simple treatments such as pelvic floor exercises or more complex treatments such as surgery. Either way, we are here to help.”

What exactly is a uterine prolapse? Prolapse means “to fall out of place” – in this case, it’s a situation where your uterus is slipping down into your vagina due to weakened muscles and ligaments that have long supported the uterus. Diagnosis of this condition takes place during a pelvic exam.

Alpine Women’s Centre estimates it addresses hundreds of cases of uterine prolapse or urinary incontinence each year – including younger patients under 40. Luckily, some cases can be managed with self-care measures (such as Kegel exercises) or pelvic health physical therapy. Mountain View Therapy’s Pelvic Health physical therapy experts are able to assist with these cases. For other cases, your provider may recommend addressing your situation with surgery – depending on the severity.

Through surgery, Montrose Memorial Hospital’s Alpine Women’s Centre is able to address uterine prolapse in two ways:

  • Repairing the muscles and ligaments of your pelvic floor
  • Hysterectomy procedure to remove your uterus

It’s best to talk with your provider to ensure you have the solution that fits you. While many women in our region face this issue, there is good news: one, you’re not alone. Two, Montrose Memorial Hospital’s Alpine Women’s Centre is able to help address your concerns. If you are feeling leakage, heaviness, or pulling – please reach out to your provider about the best solution for you.