MMH Alpine Women’s Centre Offers New View of Babies in the Womb

UltrasoundMONTROSE, CO- Whether patients want the comfort of a quick glimpse of their baby in the womb – or a check-up with 3D views – the MMH Alpine Women’s Centre has them covered.

Now available to all established Alpine Women’s Centre patients, the clinic offers elective ultrasound services to provide soon-to-be moms and dads new ways to view their babies in the womb.

The 3D ultrasound service, available starting at 26 weeks, lets participants view their unborn baby with a “3D” view – allowing for much greater detail of the baby. Many parents are eager to see their baby’s face for the first time. Previously, many Montrose area parents would drive to Grand Junction to receive 3D ultrasound services.

“3D ultrasounds are great because they allow for more detailed, accurate and immediate imaging results for our obstetrical patients,” said Dr. Sheena Wisler, physician at Alpine Women’s Centre. “It is especially helpful in visualizing anatomical structures more clearly.”

“One of your most exciting doctor visits during pregnancy is getting the ultrasound to see your baby for the first time,” said Nichole Leonard, patient at Alpine Women’s Centre. “3D ultrasounds bring a whole new level of joy when you can actually see some of their features before they are born. It makes the experience so much more surreal.”

Comfort Glimpse, available starting at 20 weeks, is another new ultrasound service available at Alpine Women’s Centre. Comfort Glimpse allows for a 10-minute check-in on the baby in utero. This service utilizes traditional 2D ultrasound technology. Participants receive black and white photo prints and digital photos provided on a USB drive. For many parents, Comfort Glimpse offers peace of mind for those wanting to see how their baby is progressing.

Since these services are elective ultrasounds, they are not covered by insurance.

For more information, contact 970.249.6737.