MMHI Board of Directors, MMH Board of Trustees and Board of County Commissioners Reach Settlement Agreement

Front Row: Glen Davis (BOCC), Ron Courtney (MMHI Board Chair, Mark Rackay (BOT), Roger Rash (BOCC)
Back Row: Kjersten Davis, Roy Ryan, Lance Lehigh (MMHI Board members)


Ron Courtney, MMHI Board Chair says; “The effort invested in resolving this conflict has paid off in a great way for our hospital and community. The agreement between the parties lays to rest all of the distrust and many misconceptions that had been so prevalent and it blazes a clear path of cooperation going forward. I’m very glad to have made a new friend in the Board of Trustees President Mark Rackay and the Board of Trustees members.  So much good can come from working together as citizens and now we have a framework to do just that.  Montrose Memorial Hospital, like all rural hospitals faces tremendous challenges in maintaining and expanding its exceptional care of our Friends and Family.  Concentrating on those challenges without legal distractions is a welcome relief.  Many thanks go to our current commissioners who looked past the turf war and focused instead on the good of the community.  Working together we can achieve so much.  The future is bright!”

“We are all so happy that the Board of County Commissioners, the Board of Trustees and the Board of Montrose Memorial Hospital have reached an agreement and settled our differences. We can now work together to continue to make Montrose County and Montrose Memorial Hospital the best that they can be,” agreed MMHI Board Vice Chair, Dr. Kjersten Davis