Montrose Memorial Hospital Implements Visitation Restrictions

Visitation Restrictions signage

MONTROSE, CO – Montrose Memorial Hospital (MMH) is implementing additional patient safety guidelines to protect patients, visitors and employees from respiratory illnesses.

For those visiting patients, MMH is temporarily restricting those 12 and under from the hospital.  Research has indicated that children 12 years and younger get sick more often than adults and can spread their illness to others up to two days before having any symptoms of sickness.

The hospital is also asking visitors of all ages to limit visitation with friends and families if they are feeling symptoms of cold or flu.

Dr. Michael Benziger, Chair of the Infection Prevention Committee said; “We are committed to ensuring the safety of our patients, visitors and staff during the flu season.  These temporary changes to our visiting policies may be inconvenient to some, but are in the best interest of everyone.”

For questions about visitation restrictions, please contact Megan McBrayer at (970) 252-2748.

How do you know if it is a cold or the flu?

The common cold and flu are caused by different viruses but can have some similar symptoms, making them tough to tell apart.  In general, the flu is worse and symptoms are more intense.

COLDS:  Usual symptoms include stuffy or runny nose, sore throat and sneezing.  Coughs are hacking and productive.  It’s usual to have fever, chills, headaches and body aches, and if they do occur, they are mild.

FLU:  Fever is usually present, along with chills, headache and moderate-to-severe body aches and tiredness.  Symptoms can come on rapidly, within three to six hours.  Coughs are dry and unproductive, and sore throats are less common.

PREVENTION:  To avoid colds and flu, wash your hands with warm water and soap after you’ve been out in public or around sick people.  Don’t share cups or utensils.  And get a flu vaccination – officials say it’s not too late, even in places where flu is raging.

TREATMENT:  People with colds or mild cases of the flu should get plenty of rest and fluids.  Those with severe symptoms, such as a high fever or difficulty breathing, should see a doctor and may be prescribed antiviral drugs or other medications.  Children should not be given aspirin without a doctor’s approval.


Sources:  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Roche, maker of Tamiflu


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