Timing, Training, Teamwork

When someone needs immediate medical care, every second counts. Timing, training and teamwork are critical. In a joint regional effort to improve the safety and quality of patient care, Montrose Memorial Hospital has acquired a life like manikin to be used for training emergency personnel. The SimMan 3G is a realistic patient simulator that allows Emergency Medical Services personnel and hospital staff to experience authentic human reactions and realistic simulations for practice of skills in a safe, lifelike scenario without the inhibitions of working on a real patient.

“The simulator can replicate symptoms of everything from cardiac arrest to a gunshot wound to an allergic reaction or asthma attack,” said Erin Houk, MSN, RN and Trauma Program Manager at Montrose Memorial Hospital.

“A trauma team is much like the pit crew at a race track,” she continued. “Real time practice and simulation experiences lead to improved teamwork, communication, efficiency, clinical knowledge and the delivery of optimal patient care.” The manikin will be available for staff, clinicians and practitioners at the hospital and will also serve as a regional training resource for both professional and volunteer emergency personnel. “Pre-hospital and arrival at the Emergency Department time periods are crucial,” added Trauma Medical Director Dr. Collin Sharp. “When caring for trauma patients, time is often the most important predictor of a good recovery.”

Written with assistance from Cathy White