Patient Financial & Billing

The Patient Financial Services business office is available to assist you with your billing needs at Montrose Memorial Hospital and the San Juan Cancer Center.

We offer a variety of services, including cashiering, insurance billing, account statements, itemized billing, payment plans, financial assistance, and financing options.

We are open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Applications for assistance are available by appointment and must be completed within 90 days from date of service.

Patient Financial Services – it’s all about what we CAN do to help you!

Montrose Memorial Hospital Financial Assistance Policy

Montrose Memorial Hospital is a CICP (Colorado Indigent Care Program) Provider and currently sees patients from all Colorado counties and covers patients for all non-elective services under its scope of participation with CICP. For patients who are uninsured and receive services outside of the guidelines of CICP, the hospital has an in-house charity care program which provides discounts for applicants who are up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Our financial assistance is available to patients with or without insurance. To apply for assistance or for cost/pricing information, please call 970-252-2666 and ask for our financial counselors.

Helpful Links

>> Financial Assistance Policy – Plain Language Summary   ENGLISH | SPANISH

>> Our Full Financial Assistance Policy  READ

>> Participating Providers in our Financial Assistance Program

>> Medicaid Enrollment – If you wish to enroll for Medicaid, please complete the application at this link. Once you receive an eligibility determination (whether you are approved or denied), please reach out to our financial counselor at 970-252-2666 to discuss the next steps.


Billing Q&A

Paying for Services at Montrose Memorial Hospital and the San Juan Cancer Center

Bills from your hospital care can seem complex and confusing. You may receive several bills for your hospital visit. Our business office can help you understand the bills and insurance coverage you are entitled to.

The hospital services bill is for your use of the hospital’s facilities, such as operating room, emergency department, hospital room, x-ray and imaging, equipment, laboratory services, medications, service of technicians, etc.

You may also receive bills for the services of healthcare providers who are independent of the hospital, such as physicians (radiologists, your personal physician, surgeons, pathologists, and anesthesiologists) and ambulance companies.

At check-in, the employee assisting you will make a copy of your insurance identification card. With this information Montrose Memorial Hospital can submit your hospital bills to your insurance company for you. If you are covered by more than one health insurance policy, such as Medicare and supplemental policy, please present all of your current cards. If your healthcare coverage requires you to pay a co-payment to the hospital for hospital care, you will be asked to pay that amount before you leave the hospital.

Within three business days, please:
Call us at 970-249-0817, or bring your card to the billing office located on the hospital’s first floor near Admissions, or Mail a copy of the card’s front and back to:
Business Office
Montrose Memorial Hospital
800 S. 3rd Street
Montrose, CO 81401
or fax a copy of the card’s front and back to: 970-240-7723.

We cannot bill your insurance company without the information on your ID card.

  • You can pay Montrose Memorial Hospital by cash, check, or credit card.
  • A Financial Resource Analyst in the Business Office can help you set up a payment plan.
  • A Financial Resource Analyst in the Business Office can also help you apply for financial assistance if you are eligible. The type and amount of eligibility will be determined after we have a completed financial assistance application on file from you. If you have received services you should contact the Financial Resource Analyst at the earliest possible time following your treatment.
  • Application for assistance should be completed within 90 days of receiving services. If you are treated in the emergency department or admitted to the hospital through the emergency department, a Financial Resource Analyst can evaluate your eligibility for Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) which helps pay for emergency services only.
  • Applications for CICP must be completed within 90 days.


If you have any questions about your Montrose Memorial Hospital bill, please call our business office at 970-249-0817.


Looking for the prices/costs associated with common procedures at Montrose Memorial Hospital?

For any questions or to receive an estimate, please call 970-252-2666 and ask for our financial counselors.